• Free Tax Services: We offer free tax services for active military personnel and simple 1040 cases.
  • Customer Service: Our customer service is free and personalized. We don't use questionnaires; instead, we conduct phone interviews to understand your needs. We're open seven days a week to assist you.
  • E-File & Direct Deposit: We provide electronic transmission of your tax return for a quick and efficient process.
  • Mobile App: Use our iPhone app for easy access and quick exchange of documents.
  • Customer Portal: Our customer portal allows you to manage your documents and track your tax return status.

Welcome to Tax Season 2024 !

We're here to make tax season a breeze. We prepare and electronically transmit your Tax Return to the IRS for the upcoming Tax Season 2024 (for the year 2023), and any amendments for the prior 5 years.

EVCI-Taxes4U is a proud branch of EV Consulting, Inc (EVCI). To learn more about our parent company and our commitment to excellence, click the "About" button below.

We're a multilingual team (Se habla Español - Falamos Português) with a focus on small businesses (Sole proprietors, Partnerships, and S-corporations). But don't worry, we welcome all clients with open arms!


Small Businesses, Individuals and Families: Welcome!


If you're a single taxpayer, you'll file form 1040. If you itemize, you'll use Schedule A. The standard deduction is $13,850. Don't worry, we're here to guide you through the process.

 Head of Household

If you're unmarried with dependents, you'll file as Head of Household (HOH). If you itemize, you'll use Schedule A. But don't worry if you don't itemize, the standard deduction is $20,800. We're here to help you navigate this process.


For couples, you have the option to file as Married Filing Jointly (MFJ), or Separately (MFS). The standard deduction for MFJ who do not itemize is $27,700, or $13,850 for MFS. We can help you decide what's best for your situation.

 Rental Properties

If you're a taxpayer with rental properties but not a realtor, you'll file form 1040 with Schedule E. And guess what? We have special discount coupons available for you!

 Active Military/Clergy

To our active military personnel and clergy members, we appreciate your service! Special discount coupons are available just for you.

 Sole Proprietors

Running your own business? You'll file form 1040 with schedule C. We're here to make the process as smooth as possible for you.


For partnerships, you're considered pass-through entities that file Form 1065. The entity issues Schedule K-1 to the general partner and/or limited partners. We can help you navigate these complexities.


S-Corporations are also pass-through entities that file form 1120-S. The entity issues Schedule K-1 to all shareholders. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

About Us

Welcome to EV Consulting, Inc (EVCI)! We're a Texas-based S-Corporation established in 1997, originally providing consulting services to the oil & gas industry. In 2020, we expanded our horizons and created EV-Taxes4U, a dedicated branch for helping individuals, families, and entities like Partnerships and S-Corps prepare and e-file their tax returns with the IRS.

We're fully registered with the IRS, holding active PTIN and EFIN. Our President, Ernesto Valenzuela, is a certified Sr Tax Analyst who diligently meets the IRS's Continuing Education (CE) requirements of 18 hours each year, including refresher hours.

In 2022, Ernesto went above and beyond, completing 64 hours of CE, covering practical cases on active military, clergy, rental properties, and sole proprietors, as well as entities such as partnerships, S-corporations, estates, and trusts. We're always learning to serve you better!


About Refunds

When you do your taxes, you may get some money back from the government. This is called a refund. You can choose how you want to get your refund and how you want to pay for the tax service. Here are some options:

 IRS Refund

The IRS will send the refund via check or by direct deposit into the taxpayer's checking account. For Direct Deposit, the taxpayer can split the refund in up to three different checking or saving accounts. It takes about two or three weeks from the moment the tax return is filed, for the IRS to make the deposit.

 Refund Advance by EVCI

If the taxpayer wants an immediate refund, EVCI offers up to $3,500 in advance. Here’s how it generally works: The taxpayer authorizes the IRS to deposit their refund into a temporary bank account set up by the tax preparation company. Once the refund is deposited, the tax preparation fees are deducted. The remaining refund amount is then transferred to the taxpayer’s personal bank account or issued as a check. To direct part of your refund to another account, you would need to fill out Form 8888, Allocation of Refund. This form allows you to split your refund among two or three different accounts at a bank or other financial institution in the United States.

Free Taxes Online

We offer free tax services for simple 1040 cases if your gross income is below $73,000. For other cases, see our pricing below.

Form 1040


  • Up to Two W-2s
  • No Dependents
  • Each Additional Form or Dependent: add $50
  • Students: add $75
  • Itemizers: add $125



  • Gross Income < $250K
  • P&L completed in recognized accounting software
  • Entity issues Schedule K-1 to shareholders
  • No Balance Sheet required
  • Discount coupons available

Phone App (Coming Soon)

We are currently developing a secure and user-friendly EVCI app for both Android and iPhone users. This app will provide an alternative way to handle your taxes when a laptop or desktop computer is not immediately available.

With our upcoming app, you will be able to:

  • Upload necessary documents like W2’s and Driver's License by taking a picture
  • Send us messages
  • Receive your completed return

However, our preferred method for uploading documents is through the Customer Portal. The app will be a helpful tool for those times when you need to upload documents on the go.


Stay tuned for more information on the release of our app.



Use the form below to login to your customer portal. If you don't have an account, please contact us to get started. Use the form in the Section: Let's Get in Touch

Upload Documents

Only PDF, JPEG, and PNG files are accepted up to a size of 2MB. To upload multiple files, press the CTRL key and select the files with your mouse. If the total size exceeds 2MB, please upload the files one by one by clicking the "Choose Files" button each time.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal is a secure online space where you can sign and upload your tax return documents without needing to visit our office. Once your portal is activated, you can upload documents for your tax preparer to review. Start by uploading your documents on the left.

  • Driver's license
  • Social Security number
  • Tax forms such as W-2, 1099-NEC, etc.

Let's Get in Touch

During the busy tax season (March-April), the quickest way to reach us is through the Taxes2Go link above.

Got a question or need more info? Feel free to use the contact form below. We do our best to respond to all emails within 24-48 hours.

If you're in a hurry and need a response within 24 hours, please include your phone number in your message.

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