• Free tax services for active military and simple 1040 cases.
  • Free Customer Service: No questionnaires. Personalized service using phone interview. Open seven days a week.
  • E-File & Direct Deposit: Electronic transmission of your tax return. iPhone app and customer portal for quick exchange of documents.

Welcome To EVCI Taxes For You!

Preparing and transmitting electronically your Tax Return to the IRS for Tax Season 2023 (the year 2022), and, or any amendments for the prior 5-years.

EVCI-Taxes4U is a branch of EV Consulting, Inc (EVCI). For more information about EVCI click the button "About" below.

Se habla Español - Falamos Português. Our focus is small businesses (Sole proprietors, Partnerships, and S-corporations); although, all clients are welcome.


Small Businesses, Individuals and Families: Welcome!


Taxpayers file form 1040; itemizers use Schedule A. The standard deduction for single taxpayers who do not itemize is $12,950, $25,900 for joint filers, or $19,400 for heads of household.

 Head of Household

Unmarried taxpayers with dependents file as Head of Household (HOH); itemizers use Schedule A. The standard deduction for taxpayers who do not itemize is $19,400.


Couples could file as Married Filing Jointly (MFJ), or Separately (MFS). The standard deduction for MFJ who do not itemize is $25,900 or, $12,950 for MFS.

 Rental Properties

Taxpayers who are not realtors file form 1040 with Schedule E. Special discount coupons are available.

 Active Military/Clergy

Special coupons discount are available.

 Sole Proprietors

Taxpayers file form 1040 with schedule C.


They are pass-through entities that file Form 1065. The entity issues Schedule K-1 to the general partner and, or limited partners.


They are pass-through entities that file form 1120-S. The entity issues Schedule K-1 to all shareholders.


 EV Consulting, Inc (EVCI) is an S-Corporation established in Texas in 1997 providing consulting services to the oil & gas industry. In 2020 the company diversified and created EV-Taxes4U which is a branch dedicated to helping individuals, families and entities (Partnerships and S-Corp) to preare and file electronically: "e-file" their tax returns to the IRS.

EVCI is registered with the IRS with active PTIN and EFIN. Ernesto Valenzuela is EVCI's President with certification level of Sr Tax Analyst who has complied with the Continuing Education (CE) hours required by the IRS of 18 hours each year, including refresher hours.

In 2022 Ernesto Valenzuela completed 64 hours of CE hours including practical cases on active military, clergy, rental properties, and sole proprietors. Also, on entities such as partnerships, S-corporations, estates, and trusts.


EPS Financial Bank Products

Towards the end of the tax preparation process, usually, the taxpayer directs the IRS to either send a check or to make a direct deposit for the refund to one, two, or three different accounts; then, the taxpayer monitors the IRS about the refund using the "Where's My Refund?" tool which can be found in the IRS website ( The taxpayer pays the prep fees directly to the tax preparer by either cash or credit card (no personal checks accepted).

 Refund Transfer

If the taxpayer wants the prep fees to be paid using the refund, EVCI offers (for a fee) a bank product called a "refund transfer." This option is also called "zero-out-of-pocket" or "E-Collect" because the tax preparer is paid through the bank and not directly from the taxpayer. Then, the taxpayer receives the net refund via either check or direct deposit from the bank (not the IRS).

Terms and Conditions

 Refund Advance

If the taxpayer desires to receive a faster refund (usually in 24-48 hours) EVCI offers a "refund advance" option. This option offers advances from $250 to $6,000. Advances up to $1,000 are also called "no-cost" because there are no bank fees or interest rates charged to the taxpayer. The bank charges interest on advances over $1,000. Then, the taxpayer receives the advance via either check or direct deposit as described below.

 EPS Checks

EVCI prints a secure check (for the refund amount minus prep fees and bank fees) the taxpayer can pick up at their convenience and then either deposit in a bank account or cash at one of 10,000 locations nationwide, such as Walmart or 7-Eleven. A toll-free verification number and website address are printed on all checks, enabling check verification 24-hours a day.

 Direct Deposit

The taxpayer receives the net refund (refund minus prep fees and bank fees), in the bank account the taxpayer tells the tax preparer to deposit the refund, giving them immediate and convenient access to their funds.

Free Taxes Online

Free tax services for simple 1040 cases (Gross income < $73,000). For other cases, prices depend on the number of Forms and the complexity of the return, which requires finding any combination of discounts and, or credits that provides the maximum refund for the taxpayer within the tax laws, that is, every dollar you are entitled to in your refund. Entities (Partnerships and S-corp) get a $100 discount.

Form 1040


  • Up to Two W-2s
  • No Dependents
  • Each Additional Form (such as: EIC, AOTC, LLC) or dependent add $50
  • Students add $75
  • Itemizers add $125



  • Gross Income < $250K
  • P&L completed in recognized accounting software
  • Entity issues Schedule K-1 to shareholders
  • No Balance Sheet required
  • Discount coupons available.

Phone App

It is a "secured" link to a mobile app in the cloud used to download the EVCI custom-branded app either from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, onto the taxpayer phones. EVCI's brand name appears at the top of the app. Click the link below if you would like to sign up for our waiting list, or start your tax return.

Taxes to Go

By clicking the link above, taxpayers can use the app to do the tasks listed below which are made from the comfort of the taxpayer's house or any other location that has access to the Internet without ever setting foot in our office.

  • Start their own returns
  • Upload documents (W2’s, Drivers Licenses, and other tax docs)
  • Send messages
  • Receive the completed return
  • Sign the return electronically

To download your customized app, please enter your Name, Email, Referral Code (if you have one), and phone number and we'll send you the app via text message straight to your phone as shown in the adjacent figure.


After we receive the form, we will send you a personal link/URL (via text or email) which you simply click to download your mobile app.


Customer Portal

The customer portal is another "secured" place in the cloud that allows you to sign your tax return's documents without ever visiting our office. EVCI will send you a link via email for you to activate your portal. Once activated, you will see a window similar to the image on the left that is very intuitive: allows you to upload or receive documents from the tax preparer. The menu option "Sign Forms" will show documents ready for you to sign online. Once documents are signed, it will send an email to the tax preparer informing that documents are fully signed!

Contact Us

During peak tax season (March-April), the best way to contact us is to use the link above for Taxes2Go.

If you have general questions, or need additional information, please, use the contact form. We endeavour to answer all emails within 24-48 hours.

If you want a response within a 24-hour period, add your phone number to the body of the email.

Form Submit

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